Previous Projects

Data Mining with R and Weka

We revealed curiosities amongst 250,000 invoices for our customer, using R for statistical analysis and Weka for data mining.

Garbled Documents

An e-discovery website to support litigation in a case with 60,000 PDF documents, most of which were poor quality scans with garbled OCR text.

Pollution Clean-Up Systems

Software ported to robust handheld computers for use in the field when monitoring the clean up of pollution to the environment. Developed for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and subsequently used elsewhere.

Packola project for Aegis

Replacing spreadsheets with a purpose-built Windows system developed in C#. One person in two hours replicated five days' work for four people.

MIPS Re-write for Meridian

From the ground up re-write of a live system with a monthly cycle. I worked as a project manager to ensure the system programmer was able to deliver on time and guarantee completeness of the solution.

IRAS.Net Completion for Meridian

I was brought in to help a team of four developers complete a project to re-write an existing system. We started by setting a delivery date and then negotiated scope reductions and improved delivery practices to meet that date.

Syndicate Reporting for Marketform

Our customer's reporting process was hampered by too many spreadsheets. We replaced this with a controlled, auditable system, with the numbers held in a database but presented in a grid-like manner to remain familiar.



Property Hawk


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