This is bitwix.com, a website created by Jonathan Clarke.

There's some brochureware about what I've done and my skills.

March 2012 : take Ian Ayres' test to see if you're over- or under-confident.

July 2012 : My favourite Cafes of London.

October 2012 : Largest global brands created after the Guardian Data Visualisation masterclass.

November 2012 : George Eliot at The London Library (PDF) article written for the library's magazine.

March 2013 : Where's Sally? is a visualisation highlighting the anomaly that, although 42% of Maths under-graduates are women, only 6% of Maths professors are.

February 2014 : Sujiko solves the little 3x3 grid puzzles found in some newspapers. There's also a blog post on what I learned by writing it.

August 2014 : JsSnippets reminds me the basics of how to write JavaScript.

October 2014 : Lonely Voters at the NZ General Election 2014

March 2015 : How To Use Git notes


My favourite food, and the only thing I cook. So here are my tips
  • Make sure you are not hurried
  • Use good stock
  • Italian rice, not basmati or long grain
  • Have a drink to sip between stirs
  • If it ends up runny, claim you like the Venetian "wavy" style


Property Hawk


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